What will happen to conservative Californians?

Calexit isn’t about creating a liberal bubble, it’s about the current federal government failing to properly support and represent this particular geographical location. While the culture is certainly more liberal here than mainstream America, it’s not like our state government is a complete far-left hippie-fest. Republican governors are not uncommon, we even really liked some of them!

I don’t see the need for a plan to address the conservative population. They’re free people. They can stay if they want, they can move to the USA if they want. Their decision is their own. [source]

As part of the conservative minority, I was very excited to cast my vote when I was 18. Over the years since, I’ve grown cynical about what my vote really means. I’ve always joked that as a Californian Republican, I vote symbolically.

CalExit means that my vote will suddenly start counting when we elect our leadership. It is a pleasantly humanizing idea.